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FlatWorld.co Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is FlatWorld.co
FlatWorld is a platform for remote job matching optimization, it was launched by a Software Engineer Gilad Bornstein in 2019. This platform is run by dedicated professionals on the algorithm of matching desired qualities, which helps both hiring companies and talented job seekers. Headquarter of FlatWorld is located at Israel.

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The platform claims to work like a partner and provide world-class service for recruitment, accounting, strategy, payroll, and other essential functions for remote business, making it easy to perform different tasks of the remote business successfully and grow the business.

The platform offers two positions to choose –
  • Hire a great candidate (For employers who are trying to find proper employees).
  • Get hired by a great company (For job seekers, who are searching for a proper job).

Talented candidates and interested companies will have to submit their application in this platform. The platform compiles the top talent of the candidates and analyzes and matches their preferences to the company DNA. It incorporates the candidate's goals, experience, skill set, language ability and preferences with company's values, culture, vision, mission, firmographics and demographics. The candidate will undergo an in-depth, transparent and sociable interview with a remote technical expert, which will match best to talent and company data.

The matching algorithm of the platform will respect both sides i.e. the company and the candidate, it will select a list of the best candidates, and top 3 candidates are provided to the company for the final selection.

There are a number of job matching companies which offers matching job data to both employees and employers, however they only offer computer generated data, for example showing the details of matching companies to job seeker on his/her preference which have age/skill based preference for employment, or showing the list of matching job seekers to companies who have put preference as per requirements. However these websites do not match them in a proper order tp make both qualities connect with each other, moreover employers themselves have to complete the interview process from low levels to find better candidates. During the Corona epidemic, when the process of working from home is going on in the whole world, remote work has also become possible due to this. This is also making it easier to work and get done and also necessary as security, while the appointment process is becoming more difficult, Flatworld may be the solution to this problem.
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