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Livepeer.com Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is Livepeer.com
Livepeer.com is a US based video streaming platform, it was developed by two video entrepreneurs Doug Petkanics and Eric Tang, headquarter of this platform is located at Brooklyn, New York. This platform also supports Livepeer.org, which provides Livepeer ERC-20 Token, video mining and staking.

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Users are required to create an account in the Livepeer.com, choose a plan and then start using it. Everything there is done instantly including the streams creating.

Users need an API (Application Programming Interface) key for Livepeer, but they are not required to create it, the system’s dashboard have these features, users can receive Key and can delete it when they want.

System of Livepeer.com combines reliable high-quality transcoding with powerful APIs, and the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) processing pipeline in the infrastructure supports content moderation.

The decentralized infrastructure are focused on the application of UGC (User-Generated Content), this helps makes fast and seamless video integration to deliver video platforms.

The scaling feature provides Up / Down scaling to manage the demands of content creators without any extra cost on the infrastructure.

With such features, Livepeer provide guaranteed high-quality streams with 99.99% reliability and on-demand video for users’ projects.

System’s helpful support keeps active and users can contact them for any help required, including creating a stream, verifying the stream status, debugging etc.

Features of this system helps video content creators to engage audiences at reasonable price, there are three plans which users can choose as per their requirement:
  1. Personal — This plan is free to use, under this plan the system offers 1000 minutes transcoding per month and 10 concurrent viewers / account streaming.
  2. Pro — This is paid plan and cost is charged on the base, transcoding at $0.005 per minute and streaming at $0.01 per GB.
  3. Business — This priced plan is for business, all price are custom. Users have to contact the support to design a custom business package.
Livepeer.com is a new platform, it promises Live Streaming at very low and comparable price, however, costs for streaming are not currently charged till the platform is established.

As a US based platform and as governed by National and International laws, Livepeer.com provides both restrictions and benefits as applicable with law.
  • Restricted — Those users are restricted to use livepeer.com, who live in any country, region or territory that is declared as “terrorist supporting” country or is restricted/prohibited by the government of the United States of America for any reason.
  • Benefit — Users who live in any country of the European Union, they will receive all provisions that are mandatory by the law of their country of resident.
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