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SubscribeStar Reviews - Check if this site is SCAM or LEGIT?

What is SubscribeStar?

SubscribeStar is an independent membership platform operating on a subscription basis where members publish the contents and earn money for their creativity.

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Some key features of SubscribeStar:

- It is free to create an account in SubsribeStar.
- Once signed up , users can post text, images, videos, audio, documents or create polls.
- The company offers reliable anti-scraping and anti-skimming content protection.
- It provides elaborate and comprehensive statistics and analysis tools.
- It offers extensive editing and scheduled publishing for the posts.
- They have 5% service fees for those who signed up as a star.
- After signing up as a Star , member can set the subscription fees which is used to charge fees for the people who like to subscribe to the member account. On return , a Star can give access to the unique content to those who subscribed.
- Processing fees - This is the transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.3 for every subscription received.
- Users are free to organize live streams without any accounts like Facebook , Youtube or other social media accounts.
- The company also offers decent referral commission.
- The company allows to promote adult only content.
- Customer support is available through email.
- Social media profiles: Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Tumblr.

About the payments:

- Payment methods - Any bank transfer through ACH , Transferwise account , Payoneer, Visa , Mastercard , American Express , Skrill.
- The minimum withdrawal is $50 , but it is required to have atleast $150 before requesting cashout.
- The cash out can be requested every 2 weeks.
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